The Brief
Coronaguiden is a bot that helps people with their questions about Covid-19. They wanted an identity that is friendly without going towards the classic health care look.

The Solution
I decided to make a design system that is very easy to use. Every volunteer should easily be able to follow the guidelines. Therefore I chose only one font and three colors. I also designed a pattern which can be put on top of images and an icon pack to supplement information. 

The Process
Coronaguiden already had an old logo that they wanted me to re-design. It was in the shape of a robot, but they wanted a friendlier version. So I tried out some different expressions and finally ended up with this nice fellow. The pattern was then created by the different shapes of the robot and is designed to be easy to scale and make into an endless variety of combinations. The website is a simple one-pager that gets the information to the user in a fast and easy way.


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